Ninja CFP301 Vs CFP307 DualBrew Pro Specialty: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to deciding between the Ninja CFP301 vs CFP307, coffee enthusiasts might find themselves in a predicament. Both these models from Ninja’s DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System lineup pack a punch, promising to deliver rich, barista-quality coffee right at your home. But, what separates these two models? Which one offers the most bang for your buck? In this article, we dive deep into the features, specifications, and value of both the Ninja CFP301 and Ninja CFP307 to help you make an informed purchasing decision.


Ninja cfp301 vs 307

Ninja CFP301 Vs Ninja CFP307 Coffee Systems: Key Differences Explain!

The main difference between the Ninja CFP301 and the Ninja CFP307 lies in the filter type and the included components each coffee system offers. Here, we delve into these key differences to help you choose the perfect fit for your coffee brewing needs.

A Matter of Filter: Paper vs Permanent

The Ninja CFP301 employs a paper filter kit. Paper filters, often considered superior for extracting brighter, crisper flavors from your coffee, are a hit among the aficionados. However, these need to be replaced after every brew, adding an extra bit to your overall coffee costs and necessitating consistent replacement. On the contrary, the Ninja CFP307 leans towards the environmentally-friendly side with its permanent, reusable filter. While it may require a tad more maintenance, the long-term cost-effectiveness and waste reduction make it a winner for the eco-conscious consumer.

The Extras: CFP301’s Comprehensive Inclusions vs CFP307’s Streamlined Essentials

The Ninja CFP301 pampers the user with a plethora of components including a fold-away frother, a 12-cup glass carafe, Ninja Pod Adapter, and Ninja Smart Scoop. These additional tools add to the versatility of your brewing experience, enabling you to experiment with multiple brew styles and techniques. The Ninja CFP307, while maintaining the essentials like the permanent filter and Ninja Smart Scoop, takes a more simplified approach. It focuses on providing a streamlined, fuss-free coffee brewing experience without the extra frills. For those who love exploring their brew, the CFP301 could be a great choice, while the CFP307 would fit those who appreciate simplicity and ease of use.

FeatureNinja CFP301Ninja CFP307
Capacity96 Fluid Ounces3.8 Pounds (approx. 60 Fluid Ounces)
Product Dimensions9.13"D x 11.39"W x 15.54"H11.39"D x 9.12"W x 15.54"H
Special FeaturesProgrammable, Milk Frother, Removable Tank, Thermal, Auto Clean Function, Water FilterDishwasher-safe parts
Coffee Maker TypeDrip Coffee MachineDrip Coffee Machine
Filter TypePaperReusable
Specific Uses For ProductCoffee makerLatte, Cappuccino
Item Weight9.69 Pounds9.69 Pounds
Included ComponentsNinja smart scoop, Fold-away frother, Ninja DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee Maker, K-Cup pod adapter, 12-cup glass carafeDelay Brew, Fold-Away Frother, Permanent Filter, 12-Cup Glass Carafe, Ninja Pod Adapter, & Ninja Smart Scoop, Keep Warm function
Wattage1550 watts1550 watts
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker Review

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System, an all-in-one coffee maker designed to cater to the varying preferences of coffee enthusiasts. This versatile machine offers a 12-cup capacity, compatibility with both ground coffee and K-Cup pods, and the ability to make four distinct brew styles: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty. With features like a built-in frother, a 60-ounce water reservoir, and a separate hot water dispenser, this coffee maker is perfect for those who desire flexibility in their morning routine. The Ninja CFP301 vs CFP307 comparison reveals some key differences, but both models are designed to provide a high-quality coffee experience tailored to individual tastes.

The Ninja CFP301 features nine ground brew sizes and four pod brew sizes, allowing users to customize their coffee experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a small cup or an XL travel mug, this machine has you covered. Its Specialty Brew function produces a super-rich coffee concentrate that can be used to create delicious lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks. With a built-in, fold-away frother and an independent hot water system, the Ninja CFP301 makes it easy to create a variety of beverages beyond just coffee, such as hot cocoa, oatmeal, and instant soups.

As you continue to compare the Ninja CFP301 vs CFP307, you’ll find that the CFP301 boasts an easy-to-clean design, complete with a clean function, dishwasher-safe parts, and a removable Ninja pod adapter. Its multi-position water reservoir can be positioned on the side or rear of the machine to fit your available space, while the Thermal Flavor Extraction Duo ensures perfect flavor for both grounds and pods. The package includes the DualBrew Pro Coffee System, Ninja Pod Adapter, 12-Cup Glass Carafe, Fold-Away Frother, Paper Filter Kit, 60-oz. Removable Water Reservoir with Independent Hot Water Dispenser, and Ninja Smart Scoop. Upgrade your coffee-making experience with the Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System, and enjoy a customized, delicious cup of coffee every time.

Pros √

  • Versatile brewing (grounds & pods)
  • Multiple brew sizes & styles
  • Built-in frother
  • Independent hot water dispenser
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable water reservoir

Cons ×

  • Large countertop footprint
Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, Single-Serve, Grounds,...
  • 13 BREW SIZE DUAL COFFEE MAKER: Grounds and pods single serve brewer with 5 individual grounds brew sizes (Small, XL Cup, Travel, XL Travel Mug) as well as...
  • FASTER BREWING: Brew a coffee pod faster than a leading Keurig coffee maker upon startup.

Ninja CFP307 DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System Review

The Ninja CFP307 DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System is a versatile coffee maker that offers a range of brewing options to suit any coffee enthusiast’s preferences. This advanced coffee system is designed to accommodate both ground coffee and K-Cup pods, providing a convenient solution for those who enjoy switching between their favorite coffee blends and pod-based beverages. With its sleek black design and numerous innovative features, the Ninja CFP307 is perfect for those seeking a high-quality, efficient, and stylish coffee machine.

Featuring a dual coffee maker system, the Ninja CFP307 offers nine ground brew sizes, ranging from a small cup to a full carafe, as well as four traditional pod brew sizes. This flexibility allows users to customize their brews according to their needs and preferences, whether they’re enjoying a classic cup of coffee or indulging in a delicious latte or cappuccino. The machine’s four brew style choices, including Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty, ensure that every cup is brewed to perfection. The independent hot water system with two temperature settings is ideal for preparing instant soups, oatmeal, or hot cocoa, while the built-in, fold-away frother makes it easy to create silky-smooth froth for coffeehouse-style drinks.

The Ninja CFP307’s 60-oz. multi-position water reservoir allows for easy refilling and convenient placement, whether on the side or rear of the machine. The Thermal Flavor Extraction Duo technology delivers optimal flavor for both grounds and pods, while the dishwasher-safe parts and removable pod adapter make cleaning a breeze. Included with the coffee system are a Keep Warm function, Delay Brew, Fold-Away Frother, Permanent Filter, 12-Cup Glass Carafe, Ninja Pod Adapter, and Ninja Smart Scoop. With its superior performance, versatility, and ease of use, the Ninja CFP307 DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System is a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Pros √

  • Faster Brewing
  • Built-in Frother
  • Permanent Filter

Cons ×

  • Limited Capacity
Ninja CFP307 DualBrew Pro Specialty Coffee System, Single-Serve, Compatible with K-Cup Pods, and...
  • 13 BREW SIZE DUAL COFFEE MAKER: Grounds and pods single serve brewer with 5 individual grounds brew sizes (Small, XL Cup, Travel, XL Travel Mug) as well as...
  • PERMANENT FILTER: Reusable filter that preserves natural coffee oils and small coffee particles to provide a robust flavor similar to a French press.


When comparing the Ninja CFP301 and CFP307, it’s essential to consider the features and benefits of each model to determine the clear winner. After closely examining both models, the Ninja CFP301 emerges as the superior option due to its versatile and user-friendly design.

The Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System boasts a 96-fluid ounce capacity, and its design includes a programmable feature, milk frother, removable tank, thermal capabilities, auto clean function, and a water filter. In contrast, the Ninja CFP307 has a smaller capacity at only 3.8 pounds, and its unique features are limited to dishwasher-safe parts.

Note: Ninja CP and Ninja CFP are different Ninja models!

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