Ninja CFP301 vs CFP451CO (Renewed): Which Coffee Maker Should You Buy?

When it comes to starting the day with a flavorful cup of coffee, nothing beats the convenience and quality of a state-of-the-art coffee maker. Ninja, a well-known name in the home appliance sector, presents two models worth considering: the Ninja CFP451CO Vs CFP301 DualBrew System. But, how do these models stack up against each other? What differentiates them in terms of brewing capabilities, capacity, and overall performance? If you’re having trouble deciding, our detailed comparison of the Ninja CFP451co vs CFP301 aims to provide clear insights, guiding you to make an informed decision for your coffee brewing needs. Detailed comparison of Ninja CFP300, CFP301, CFP451CO and CFP307 can be found at

Ninja cfp451 vs 301

Ninja CFP451co vs CFP301: A Comparison of Features and Benefits

The main difference between Ninja CFP451co Vs CFP301 is that the Ninja CFP451co is a refurbished model with a larger capacity, while the Ninja CFP301, a new model, boasts a separate hot water system and additional features.

Condition and Capacity:

The Ninja CFP451co is a refurbished, or renewed, product, implying it has undergone professional inspection, testing, and cleaning by Amazon-qualified suppliers to ensure it works and looks like new. This makes it a sustainable and budget-friendly choice. Moreover, the CFP451co offers a larger 14-cup brewing capacity, which is ideal for larger households or office settings that require a more generous coffee yield.

On the other hand, the Ninja CFP301 is a brand new model. Its capacity is slightly smaller, offering a 12-cup brewing capability, which might be more suitable for medium-sized households.

Brewing Features:

Both models offer similar brewing options with 4 brew styles and 9 grounds brew sizes. However, the CFP301 takes brewing a notch higher with its thermal flavor extraction duo. This feature ensures even saturation and precise temperature control, resulting in ultra-flavorful coffee, an advanced characteristic absent in the CFP451co.

Additional Features:

The Ninja CFP301 distinguishes itself with its separate hot water system, which is not present in the CFP451co. This feature can be a game-changer if you regularly consume other hot beverages like tea, instant soup, or oatmeal. The CFP301 also features an auto-clean function and a water filter, enhancing its utility and ease of maintenance.

The CFP451co, while lacking these features, counters with an adjustable warming plate, keeping your coffee warm for up to 4 hours, a feature not mentioned for the CFP301.

Price Point:

The Ninja CFP451co, being a refurbished product, is offered at a significantly lower price than the Ninja CFP301. If budget is a crucial factor, the CFP451co provides excellent value for money without compromising on functionality.

FeatureNinja CFP451CONinja CFP301
Average Rating4.4/54.6/5
Capacity14 Cups12 Cups
Brew Styles44
Ground Brew Sizes99
Pod Brew Sizes44
Specialty BrewsYesYes
Independent Hot Water SystemNoYes
Built-In FrotherYesYes
Removable Water ReservoirYesYes
Thermal Flavor ExtractionNoYes
Auto Clean FunctionNoYes
Water FilterNoYes
Keep Warm FunctionUp to 4 hoursUp to 4 hours
Product Dimensions9.94"D x 15.54"W x 11.39"H9.13"D x 11.39"W x 15.54"H
Item Weight9.91 Pounds9.69 Pounds
Country of OriginChinaChina
Special FeaturesProgrammable, Milk Frother, Removable TankProgrammable, Milk Frother, Removable Tank, Thermal, Auto Clean Function, Water Filter
Model NameNinja CFP451CONinja CFP301
Operation ModeFully AutomaticFully Automatic
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Overview of Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System

The Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System is an advanced coffee maker that has the ability to create a wide range of delicious coffeehouse-style drinks. This versatile machine offers a unique combination of brewing options for both coffee grounds and K-Cup pods, making it a highly sought-after appliance for coffee enthusiasts. With a plethora of features such as four brew styles, an independent hot water system, and a built-in fold-away frother, the Ninja CFP301 is designed to provide you with a customized and enjoyable coffee experience.

One of the standout features of the Ninja CFP301 is its dual coffee maker functionality, allowing users to choose from nine different grounds brew sizes and four traditional pod brew sizes. This ensures that you can easily cater to a variety of personal preferences and coffee drinking habits. Additionally, the machine’s four brew styles (Classic, Rich, Over Ice, and Specialty) enable you to create your ideal cup of coffee, whether it’s a simple black coffee, a strong and bold flavor, or a rich and creamy specialty drink. The built-in fold-away frother further enhances the coffee-making experience by transforming hot or cold milk into silky-smooth froth, perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, and other specialty beverages.

The Ninja CFP301 also boasts a user-friendly design, with an easy-to-clean system and removable components for hassle-free maintenance. The 60-oz. multi-position water reservoir can be positioned on the side or rear of the machine to fit your available space, and the independent hot water system offers two temperature settings for added versatility. With the Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System, you can create an impressive range of coffee drinks and enjoy the ultimate at-home coffee experience.

Pros √

  • Versatile brewing (Grounds & K-Cup Pods)
  • Multiple brew styles
  • Built-in frother
  • Independent hot water system
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable water reservoir placement

Cons ×

  • Plastic construction
Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe, Single-Serve, Grounds,...
  • 13 BREW SIZE DUAL COFFEE MAKER: Grounds and pods single serve brewer with 5 individual grounds brew sizes (Small, XL Cup, Travel, XL Travel Mug) as well as...
  • FASTER BREWING: Brew a coffee pod faster than a leading Keurig coffee maker upon startup.

Overview of Ninja CFP451CO DualBrew System (Renewed).

The Ninja CFP451co DualBrew System is a versatile and efficient coffee maker that offers a range of brewing options to suit your coffee preferences. Designed to accommodate both single-serve pods and grounds, this 14-cup coffee maker boasts a sleek black design and various special features that make it stand out from its competitors. Comparing the Ninja CFP451co vs CFP301, the CFP451CO offers a larger capacity and additional features that cater to the needs of any coffee lover.

One of the highlights of the Ninja CFP451CO DualBrew System is its ability to brew coffee pods faster than leading K-Cup coffee makers upon startup. With nine grounds brew sizes, including Small Cup, Cup, XL Cup, Travel Mug, XL Travel Mug, ¼ Carafe, ½ Carafe, ¾ Carafe, or Full Carafe, and four traditional pod brew sizes (6, 8, 10, or 12 oz.), this coffee maker allows you to customize your brewing experience. Additionally, the CFP451CO offers four brew styles: Classic, Rich, Specialty, and Over Ice, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee in various ways.

The built-in fold-away frother is another feature that sets the Ninja CFP451CO apart from other coffee makers, like the CFP301. The frother effortlessly transforms hot or cold milk/milk alternatives into silky-smooth froth, perfect for enhancing your favorite beverages. The removable 70-oz. water reservoir makes filling a breeze, and the foldable single-serve platform helps reduce splashing of freshly brewed coffee. The CFP451CO also features Thermal Flavor Extraction Duo technology, ensuring perfect flavor for both grounds and pods with even saturation and precise temperature control.

When comparing the Ninja CFP451CO vs CFP301, the CFP451CO’s larger capacity and innovative features make it a superior choice for coffee enthusiasts. The convenient keep-warm function, easy-to-clean design, and included components, such as the Ninja Pod Adapter and 14-Cup Glass Carafe, make the CFP451CO an excellent investment for anyone looking to elevate their coffee-making experience. Whether you prefer single-serve pods or traditional grounds, the Ninja CFP451CO DualBrew System is designed to cater to your coffee preferences and deliver a flavorful, satisfying cup of coffee every time.

Pros √

  • Versatile Brewing: Supports both grounds and pods.
  • Multiple Brew Sizes: Offers 9 grounds brew sizes and 4 pod brew sizes.
  • Various Brew Styles: Classic, Rich, Specialty, and Over Ice options.
  • Built-In Frother: Convenient fold-away frother for hot and cold milk.
  • Large Water Reservoir: 70-oz removable tank for easy filling.
  • Easy to Clean: Dishwasher-safe parts and removable pod adapter.
  • Keep Warm Function: Adjustable warming plate keeps coffee warm for up to 4 hours.

Cons ×

  • Bulky Design


When comparing the Ninja CFP301 Vs CFP451CO both deliver an impressive performance, offering versatility in brewing options and convenience in usage. However, for those seeking advanced features, a separate hot water system, and don’t mind a slightly smaller brewing capacity, the Ninja CFP301 emerges as the clear winner. Its additional auto clean function and water filter provide added convenience, making your coffee experience even more delightful.

On the other hand, for those who prioritize a larger brewing capacity and budget-friendliness without sacrificing the essential features, the Ninja CFP451CO is a fantastic, value-for-money choice. By choosing either model, you’re guaranteed an excellent brew. Choose wisely and happy brewing!

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