Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300: Ultimate Vacuum Sealer Showdown

When it comes to vacuum sealers, the battle between Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300 is definitely worth your attention. Both Weston Pro 1100 and 2300 vacuum sealers offer impressive features, but how do they differ and which one suits your needs best? This article provides an in-depth comparison of the Weston Pro 1100 and 2300 vacuum sealers, highlighting their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Weston is a reputable brand in the world of food preservation, and both the Weston Pro 1100 and 2300 are designed with high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability and reliability.

Weston pro1100 vs 2300

 Key Differences Between Weston Pro 1100 and Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealers

The primary difference between the Weston Pro 1100 and Pro 2300 vacuum sealers is Weston Pro 1100 features a 680-watt fan-cooled motor, designed for consistent and reliable sealing for home use. It can seal bags up to 11 inches wide and has a double piston vacuum pump that draws 28.5″ HG vacuum strength.

On the other hand, the Weston Pro 2300 boasts a more powerful 935-watt motor, making it suitable for commercial-grade use. This vacuum sealer is capable of sealing bags up to 16 inches wide and has a double piston pump seal bar for faster and more efficient sealing. The Pro 2300 also features a fan-cooled motor specifically designed for continuous and repetitive use without overheating.

FeatureWeston Pro 1100Weston Pro 2300
MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel, Steel
ColorPro 1100 Stainless SteelCommercial Grade Pro 2300 Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions8.7 x 14.7 x 17.5 inches15.3 x 23 x 9 inches
Item Weight1 Pound22 Pounds
Motor Wattage680 watts935 watts
Power SourceCorded ElectricAC
Vacuum Strength28.5" HGNot specified
Sealing Bar WidthSeals bags up to 11" wideSeals bags up to 16" wide
Seal Bar Thickness5 mm thick seal barExtra wide, 5 millimeters seal bar
Sealing ModesFully adjustable sealing timeManual and Automatic sealing modes
Warranty2 year warrantyNot specified
Country of OriginSwitzerlandChina
PriceBuy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

Overview of Weston pro 1100 Vacuum Sealer

The Weston Pro 1100 is a high-quality vacuum sealer designed for food preservation and sous vide cooking. This stainless steel appliance is a perfect choice for home cooks looking to keep their food fresh for longer periods. With a powerful 680-watt fan-cooled motor, the Pro 1100 offers consistent and reliable sealing without overheating. The double piston vacuum pump ensures strong vacuum strength, drawing 28.5″ HG for an excellent seal. In the ongoing debate of Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300, the Pro 1100 stands out for its compact design, measuring 8.7 x 14.7 x 17.5 inches and weighing just 1 pound, making it a convenient addition to any kitchen.

The Weston Pro 1100 offers versatility in sealing bags up to 11 inches wide. The built-in roll holder and cutter allow for easy customization of bag sizes to accommodate various food items. The fully adjustable sealing time feature ensures that you can achieve the perfect seal for any type of food, whether it’s soft and delicate or more robust. The 5mm thick seal bar guarantees a solid, dependable seal every time. When comparing the Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300, the Pro 1100 is ideal for those seeking a more compact, lighter option without compromising on performance.

Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Weston Pro 1100 is a testament to Weston’s commitment to quality and performance-driven products for the home. With its Swiss origins, this vacuum sealer promises only the best in materials and design. The corded electric power source ensures a steady supply of energy, while the fan-cooled motor is specifically designed to prevent overheating during continuous use. In the Weston Pro 1100 VS 2300 comparison, both models showcase Weston’s dedication to providing efficient and reliable vacuum sealers that cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook looking to enhance your food preservation game, the Weston Pro 1100 is a reliable choice that won’t disappoint.

Pros √

  • Lightweight design
  • Fan-cooled motor
  • Adjustable sealing time
  • Built-in roll holder & cutter
  • 2-year warranty
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Seals bags up to 11″ wide

Cons ×

  • Lower wattage
WESTON BRANDS Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation & Sous Vide, Extra-Wide Bar, Sealing Bags...
  • 680 watt, fan cooled motor prevents overheating for consistent, reliable sealing (120 Volt, 60 Hz)
  • Double piston vacuum pump draws 28.5" HG vacuum strength

Overview of Weston pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer

The Weston Pro 2300 is a high-quality vacuum sealer that offers commercial-grade performance, making it an ideal choice for professional chefs, avid hunters, and home cooks alike. This powerful machine is designed to preserve food efficiently, extending its shelf life while maintaining freshness and flavor. With a heavy-duty construction and 935 watts of power, the Weston Pro 2300 ensures reliability and durability for all your food preservation needs.

One of the standout features of the Weston Pro 2300 is its extra-wide 15-inch seal bar, which allows you to seal a variety of vacuum sealer bag sizes up to 15 inches wide. The double piston pump and extra-wide 5mm seal bar ensure a solid, dependable seal every time, even through moisture. This makes it perfect for sealing wild game, fish, and other moisture-rich foods. The fan-cooled motor is specifically designed for continuous, repetitive use without overheating, providing peace of mind for those who rely on their vacuum sealer for regular food preservation tasks.

In addition to its impressive power and versatility, the Weston Pro 2300 offers both automatic and manual sealing modes. The automatic mode provides a simple one-touch operation, while the manual mode allows users to control the amount of vacuum pressure for sealing soft or delicate foods. The transparent acrylic lid ensures easy alignment of the bag for sealing, and the detachable power cord conveniently fits within a storage compartment. With its exceptional performance and user-friendly features, the Weston Pro 2300 is a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable, high-quality vacuum sealer for their food preservation needs.

Pros √

  • Powerful performance
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Seals through moisture
  • Manual seal mode
  • Accommodates various bag sizes
  • Continuous use design
  • Compatible with popular bag brands
  • Transparent acrylic lid
  • Detachable power cord

Cons ×

  • Bulky size
Weston Brands Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation & Sous Vide, Extra-Wide Bar, Sealing Bags...
  • Powerful, pro-performance; Heavy duty construction and 935 watts of power make this vacuum sealer powerful.Fuse is easy to access and cord detaches.
  • Quick and easy; Just press start; Double piston pump seal bar finishes the job fast; It’s the perfect tool for preserving your prized catch or preparing...


When comparing the Weston Pro 1100 vs 2300 vacuum sealer machines, it’s essential to analyze each model’s features and performance to determine which one emerges as the clear winner. The Weston Pro 1100 boasts a 680-watt fan-cooled motor, double piston vacuum pump, and the ability to seal bags up to 11 inches wide. In contrast, the Weston Pro 2300 offers an even more powerful 935-watt motor, a commercial-grade construction, extra-wide 5mm seal bar, and the capacity to seal bags up to 15 inches wide. Both machines provide adjustable sealing time, manual and automatic operation modes, and compatibility with popular bag brands such as Food Saver and Ziploc.

The Weston Pro 2300 vacuum sealer significantly outperforms its counterpart in terms of power and sealing capacity. Its double piston pump and seal bar work in tandem to finish sealing jobs quickly and efficiently.

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